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Offering our clients, the best possible service is something we’re passionate about. Our group consists of skilled experts who have a strong enthusiasm for what we do and are constantly seeking out new methods to enhance our offerings. We know we can work with you to accomplish your business objectives.

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Fleur and Bee

About the Project

Fleur & Bee is an award-winning Cosmetic and Skincare brand helping community who want to make conscious choices about what they put on their bodies.




Fleur & Bee




2023 to 2024

Project Summary

The project involved eCommerce responsive website design & development. We efficiently addressed any technological obstacles or concerns that emerged, so that they don’t have to worry about the quality of work. 

Project Results

Client was highly satisfied with our work which was in accordance with their specifications which was SEO-optimized and mobile-responsive with optimal user experience with rich UI/UX.

Client highly spoke about our flawless, engaging with visually appealing website in a way that captured the essence of their brand and effectively engaged their audience.

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